Lentil Dahl

A flavoursome, satisfying dish that makes a perfect side, or main. An easy recipe, this is a fun way to experiment a little with some spices.

Easy Ramen Bowl

A recipe for the easiest cook-at-home ramen, perfect for satisfying a ramen craving!

Crispy Potato Skins

A super quick recipe for using up your leftover potato skins to make a delicious snack.


A recipe for perfectly light, fluffy potato gnocchi. Perfect paired with a little butter and parmesan, or heavier sauces as a lighter alternative to pasta or mashed potato. These are easy, fun, and satisfying to make.

Light and Fluffy Scones

A recipe for perfect light and fluffy scones. Quick and easy, and perfect for afternoon tea.

Easy Bruschetta

A quick and easy recipe for bruschetta, perfect for summer days.